The Baby Box Sale – Up to 30% Off Selected Products!

The Baby Box is an Award Winning, custom designed package of luxurious Newborn Clothing and Accessories as well as countless practical necessities for the first few months. And best of all – the Baby Box itself actually doubles as the Baby’s first crib!

All our Baby Boxes conform to BS EN 1130, the International Gold Standard for Crib & Cradle Safety.

We work with UNICEF to distribute 10 Vaccination Kits in the developing World for every Baby Box sold. Each of these kits protects a child against Measles, Polio & Tetanus

For any new Mum this is a dream gift. It contains everything a new mum needs in those early days, and helps children less fortunate get a better start in life too.

Alison Canavan


James Fox is one of an exciting new breed of entrepreneurs with a social conscience. His initiative is inspirational and I wish him the very best of luck with it.

Cathy Kelly, Author